Feedback on my lighting practices on Blender

Hello everyone,

I am MysticAlton and been doing GFX for a while now and just started practicing with lighting can I have your feedback on the lightings please.

Area lighting:

Spot lighting:

Point lighting:

Sun lighting:

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Pleaser can I have some feedback anyone?

I love it, especially sun lighting since it enhances more realism to it, practice a bit more and it will look a lot better but for now, no complaints, overall very good keep it up!


It depends on the type of GFX in which you would be using these lighting modes for, but if it’s for something realistic, an HDRI would do the job perfectly fine. The HDRI will just cast the lighting from it’s 3D environment onto whatever is being displayed in blender. It’s a huge help so you don’t have to keep putting an image in the background, and winging the lighting yourself.

All of these examples look good, just not all with the same environment.

Area lighting would look good for a studio.

Spot Lighting would look good for dark areas, or dark streets at night. Let’s say under a lamp post.

Point Lighting would look good with pretty much any object up close, like a vending machine that emits light.

And sun would look good for being outside, hints the name.

This is really good for lighting practices, and the various lighting modes Blender has to offer can be useful. I usually just stick to HDRIs, unless I’m not able to use them.

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