Feedback on my lightsaber

I have gotten a lightsaber model made and I am trying to use particle emitters for the blade, I would like feedback on how it looks and things that I can do to make it look better.

Updated Version:


Why’s it a cylinder,And why is there like this low-quality smoke thing?I suggest you smoothen the top a bit making it round,Preferably remake this in Blender,And make an electric type particle and put it on the “blade” .Also the grip may need a recolor and a remodel ,In my opinion.


looks sick. id love to see a gif.

I don’t understand how an electrical particle relates to a lightsaber.

Like,It’s hard to explain but,like,Oh nevermind that part.

What’s up Sean ! I feel like the glow around it is way too emphasized, maybe try to decrease the size of that and it will look A-Okay. :slight_smile:

I suggest adding a rounded tip! Also make sure the aura around it doesn’t pop out, and looks sort of like how cel-shading does.