Feedback on my little abandoned hut!

Hello! I’ve made this small building yesterday, using a low poly style. I would like to get some feedback about it. Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:


Really good how about adding pieces of wood on the ground so that it looks like more broken and abandoned!


Grt! The roof design, thought it may seem simple, gives it a rly good look. The only thing i wud point out is the environment design around the hut. Adding small features like overgrown bushes, broken down parts of wood, broken bottles etc will give more of the ‘abandoned’ vibe. Other than tht, its a really well done low poly build.

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You should make the background darker…
So it’ll look very spooky

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This looks really nice. Love the old rickety look to it.

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Wow, why are your builds always so cool? I really like this shack! The only thing is that I think the thin planks at the top look a little weird, but that’s just my opinion. By the way, those trees are great too! :+1:


That’s actually super nice, i don’t do this kind of stuff so i don’t completely understand how it works, but if i was gonna talk about the surroundings i think you should add more depth to it so it adds this spooky aura to the hut via trees and other background oddity’s, but not with super detailed trees for the attention is pulled by the hut and not what’s in the background,

It’d be cool if you added a little dimmed out lantern hanging somewhere as well, but other then those tiny things i mentioned, its honestly really solid and well done i would love to see more of your work

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I absolutely love it!

If you’re using the brush tool plugin for the grass, make sure to set the vertical offset to -.1 so they aren’t floating, that’s the only weird thing I noticed though!

Maybe add a rusty lamp for some lighting ambiance?

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es spooky month

also this is very cool

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it looks really nice and reminds me of a mill you would find in one of those old stories from john creanga

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