Feedback on my little office

I was just practising my build skills and built this office. Please let me know what I can improve and any suggestions:


EDIT: Updated Build:

Night Version


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks very nice so far! Good amount of detail and great use of textures.

Five things I want to point out though.

  • The mouse and keyboard looks very weird, the keyboard keys are quite large and should be scaled down a bit, and the mouse just looks like a box and can easily be mistaken for a box too. I would recommend making this more of a shape and emphasising that it’s actually a mouse and not just a white square.

  • Secondly, the left corner of the desk is very empty, like in your reference picture there is a lamp and books, I would recommend adding something like that to your build or something similar. I wouldn’t recommend adding a plant if you decide to go against the two afore mentioned ideas as the room would have too many plants in it then.

  • The monitor is slightly off as you can see in this image: Capture
    If you want the monitor to be embedded into the desk then I would recommend removing the support plate, however if you didn’t mean for this to be placed like that, then now you know.

  • Now, I would strongly recommend not using a free modelled office chair in your build, it makes it look unprofessional and some might consider you to be lazy. What I would personally do is build a custom chair in studio or make your own chair mesh. (I really like the chair in the reference image so I would choose that)

  • Lastly, I would think about experimenting with the wall texture more as I don’t think it compliments the floor texture you have going, in the reference image the wall is a more smooth material so experiment with smooth plastic and it’s colours and see what suites your liking.

Overall, the build looks great so far, I especially like the back of the room with the blinds and ring binders stored in the little compartment under the shelf. The textures for the floor are also look nice. Room for improvement will have to be the chair, mouse & keyboard and the monitor - add some more onto the left side of the desk as it looks pretty empty and experiment with the wall textures.


Thanks for the advice! I’ll take these into account when I work on it next. I’ll post some more progress photos soon.:slightly_smiling_face:


The chair looks unappealing, I don’t think white was meant for that chair either. I think you should make your own chair similar to that of the reference picture. (It’s quite easy to recreate)

The keyboard looks odd, the keys are too big; (It also doesn’t follow the basic look of a keyboard)
Make them smaller and add more.

The plants could be improved, more variation since they look duplicate to the ones on the right. Add more grass;

The files/books are too thick and can’t be clearly seen. Improve the lighting there.

You have great skills and the potential to improve! Good job.


Hey Inserted Cringe,

Your build resembles the reference picture pretty close, so I think you have a great product so far. However, your fallbacks rely particularly on the lack of the photography effects taken for the reference picture. What I mean, is that the reference picture has a lot more dynamic and purpose in the color of lighting which your not reflecting in your piece as well. So look over these points, and take what you want from them.

The windows in the picture are bright white, which creates a contrast effect to the rest of the picture. They match with the picture, because you can see the sunlight on the counter as well as a bloom effect around the window. Look at some other showcase pieces on ROBLOX, because this is a valuable component in them.

Different heights give direction and are inherently more aesthetic. This is played up between the main and side desk as well as the decor on the counter. If you play with various heights you will get a better sense of realism and design.

Consistent/ Realism Detail
Make sure your main desk reflects the same level of detail as the rest of your build. From the angle and picture you provided it looks like a large block. Also put more detail in the keyboard and mouse. In some cases this would be just fine, but you’re using a reference picture and haven’t changed its style from realism to a roblox blocky kind of style.

In the last section I gave some style comments, but to expand on that it is a really important thing to consider. The style is your approach and it should overall match the entire build with itself.

Finally, I think your build is amazing. I hope some of my comments were able to help you take this to another level. Best of luck with your creations! Hope to see more of your work!



I have made a few changes following your advice. What do you think now? I still need to play with the lighting and textures as I think they look a little off at the moment. Also are the ring binders still too wide?




Another View

Another View:

Thank you in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:!


Looks realistic, but I suggest to add more designs?


I think its a big step up, I really like it.

Looking over this new version, I can see you really took some advice. The first version was really well done, so it already had various high level comments. And now there really isn’t much else I can say, just this:

  • I think the new decor look amazing, but I hope its not cluttered on the left side. If anything, don’t be afraid to use the entire counter-space.
  • Also, if you can try and define the shelves in that dark space. Play with lighting and colors there.
  • And finally, now that you’ve added more colors and decor to define personality in the room. I think you should add simple wall decor on a similar level of detail with everything else.

Thank you for the advice. I’ll definitely use some of the advice like the wall decor. Thanks!:+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the advice! :slightly_smiling_face: By designs do you mean things like decorations?

Yeah, It will look more great.

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I created a night version. How do you guys like it?


The blue glow is coming from the computer screen.

Thank you in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It looks very nice! Although, in the real world, there is usally a light hanging from the ceiling for proper lighting.

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Thanks! I’ll definitely add that in. Forgot about that.

The updated version of your “Little Office” looks really good, i like how your still improving to make it look a lot more better i can see you, really took the effort time to improve it from the first version of your office. Looked great it just needed some improvements to it, and i see you are really putting! In a lot of work to make! Your office look perfect and very detailed. However here is a couple of things you could add i’ll, implement to your office so it could stand out more!!

Little Office
I see you improved a lot more, and added some details to your office however i would recommend you add some details to the desk area. So it could look more better and improved you could add a mug, pencil holder, notebooks, pictures, step sorter, business phone system, ect. As that’s what mostly offices have in they part! I would suggest you add those so yours could look more like a office, as well you could add some light wood to the desk in. The back as it seems to be a dark wood texture i would try adding, a more light wooden texture to the, desk that’s implemented in yours and most little office. Have some floor lamps or lights on the ceiling! Area try adding some of those so it won’t just, look like you only have one light on the desk part!!

As i said above you could add some more, details to the desk part pencil, cups, notebooks, ect. So it could look more like a office. However i think you have done a amazing job going off from a reference image! I would also add some wall decorations as by. Looking at yours it seems to be a little bland try adding some pictures, clock, wall shelves, wall decal sticker, wall mirror, ect. This are just decorations you could add to your. Office walls so it could look a lot more improved! I would just add a lot of pictures, clocks, shelves, so it could fill it up a bit more as you can see below most offices, have wall decoration to it try. Adding something like this!!

Reference Wall Decor

I like the design and details added to your office, and i think it looks really good, try adding one of those (Inspiron Small Desktop) underneath the desk part. So it could look a little decent and If you plan on adding details to your, office i would recommend you add some here is a couple, of things i’ll add so your office so it could! Look more better and improved a lot more like. Overall keep practicing your skills so your office can look perfect!!

Desk Decorations

  • Printer, Mouse Pad & Notebooks
  • Business Phone System, Plants
  • Calendars, Stacking Sorter, Pencil Holder
  • Compartments Drawer, Business Book Support
  • Desk Tray, Document Letter Tray & Table-Top Hanging File

Wall Decorations

  • Pictures, Clocks, Wall Shelves,
  • Wall Decal Sticker, Wall Mirror,
  • Woodblock Wall Art, Hanging Wall Mount
  • Frames Canvas Pictures, Ceiling Lights

Anyways, you have done a really decent job on. Your “Little Office” it looks really good and detailed can’t wait to see more of your work very soon. And the final update of your office, as well the decorations i listed above you! Those could go on your walls, desk, just to bring it out more. Hope to see the improvements you added to it overall great job.


Thank you for the advice. I’ll definitely use this next time I work on it. I’ll reply with a progress picture soon. :slightly_smiling_face: