Feedback on my Living Room Build

Give Honest Feedback, I think it’s pretty good not gonna lie. Used a bit of free models for decoration.


Wow this is really wonderful. We can see the investment in that I really liked the design

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Decent. I overall like it I would however consider using a different material for the walls or as least throw something on it so it doesn’t feature just a plain area placing picture frames, clocks, potted plants ect. Not sure if you’ve already planned that.

Since your more asking for feedback, I find the ceiling lights look a little out of place living rooms normally don’t ever feature lighting placed on the ceiling i see there more circular looking placed into the wall or they kind of have floor lamps. Why not try using a more vibrant color for the walls.?

The couch shouldn’t be the same as the flooring - walls try finding a different color so it doesn’t have a same appearance as colors that are already placed down. At the start it’s a good room i’m guessing a lot of the placements and furniture are free models?


Thanks for the feedback, the couch I used free model meshes so it can look a little more realistic and the decorations are free models, planning on making a small house.

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Looks really nice, some posters in my opinion would be a great addition to this build.

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Looks very good! Maybe changing the walls so it doesn’t seem so dull would be a good idea? Overall, it’s a very nice build.

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Looks good, although you can try adding a few plants. Also I think the carpet is too realistic for the scene.

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It seems fine. The walls and floor could use a different texture, the room seems overall really small and the door seems a little odd (color + doorknob) overall its a nice build. I think it’d be a better challenge if you made everything yourself, making it 100% authentic.

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The room is small because it’s a similar design to my own living room.


its cool think you should use better lighting idk its up to you!