Feedback on my Lobby creation (With Details)

Hello there Developers!

It is i, DragonDarkVader…I made a Lobby for my horror game. I actually added more details to it.


Any Feedback would really be appreciated

EDIT: This creation is not yet finish, If you think it’s empty, It’s because i made all the Details before the Furnatures…

EDIT2: This Lobby Map goes to MagicalGames.


I like it! Seems empty as you said, lot of that candle use, Be sure to not be too repetitive with that! Green seems like a odd color to have with this horror type game, i’d have to know the premise to understand, Be sure to add lots of furniture to fix that empty space.


Yup! your right there my friend! :+1:

Green is my fav. color lol.


would look better if there was more details

It looks ok but like what @Biguniverses said, I think it could do with more things inside to make it look less empty.

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It is being progresss…Thanks for the Feedback!

I think you can make the lightings darker (or perhaps add some some light flickering) to fit the horror theme.
Overall it looks great, keep up the great work!

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It’s a Lobby, Like doors. I think a flickering lights won’t fit the Lobby. Don’t worry i’ll add that in the map. Thanks for the Feedback!

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I like it.
But you will need to add more details if you use a light with that style.
I mean the wall and the light source is a huge difference

I added more Furnitures to the Lobby…The update will be here soon…

I recommend not posting before you actually finish the lobby. There is very limited to what anyone can say about your lobby, unless they don’t like the colors or materials :thinking:


The lobby is actually finished, All the details and more, It’s just the Furnitures…

there doesnt seem to be enough detail maybe add more to the walls and furniture could help the green kinda hurts my eyes maybe change it but green is also my favorite color i would just say make it a little darker and the ceiling light looks like its free modeled since the collors dont rly fit or the style of it at all its got more detail then the whole build i would say make it more like the doors lobby make the elavators different then the rest of the build add some furniture and maybe match those collors better i have also been working on a doors like game

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Thank you for you Honest feedback! I would update this Topic and get back to you soon enough! :grinning:

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