Feedback on my lobby map!

Hello! I’m PLX, I’m currently making a Roblox horror game! I need some feedback on my abandoned hospital hall lobby map, so please tell me your honest review; if something could improve the map, tell me it, and I might add it!

Here’s the map image:


The layout is pretty nice, as well as the composition of the model. I would suggest adding more grunge textures to the well to really sell out the “abandoned” vibe, as well as adding more pieces of rubble, dirt, trash on the floor.

And lastly, the only missing thing here is the lighting. You could try adding a beam from the ceiling lights to the floor to simulate a volumetric lighting effect. You could also add flickering to some of the lights, as well as some ambience audios and sound effects. Great stuff overall! Hoping to see more of your project.

Thank you for the feedback! I might add the stuff you’ve suggested for!

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I would fix the lightning and make it more darker, add slight fog, little effects make it much more immersive.

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That’s a nice idea too! Could add that maybe…

try adding more detail and using PBR textures. A reference photo is probably the best if you want to have more detail in the lobby as it shows a lot of detail you probably wouldnt think of adding into your build