Feedback on my lobby

I pretty much finished my lobby since the last time I posted and I wanna get some feedback on how I did and how I could improve it. I just wanna mention though that I have no experience with building I needed to make a lobby for my game though and honestly, I think I did a decent job with it. My goal was to make a bar/lounge place that’s kind of old it could use some renovation and it was just bought and moved into which is why there are boxes and I tried to keep it simple so my 0 building skills could actually handle it.

Didn’t know how to make a door so I decided to make an elevator door

Here’s the game if you wanna check it out yourself


very empty have a big tree in the middle and better building, but idk how to give feedback on that

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Walls are very empty, I would suggest since you have a Christmas tree to have hanging Christmas lights on the walls and other Christmas items!


yeah, the walls are pretty empty and I tried to kind of fix that by adding those colored posters I didn’t have any images so I just gave them different colors I also added the 3 screens. The Christmas lights are a good idea although I’m not exactly sure how to make that I might just yoink some from the toolbox lol.

The lighting needs some work, and some more props. Otherwise, it’s alright. 4/10