[FEEDBACK] On my logo for a game

Please tell me some feedbackLogo virus

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Hello, Skar!

You have presented a um-, icon, okay, we can say that, and you’ve asked us, developer community, dev. community, builder community, whatever you wanna call it alright, for feedback, so I mean lt’s just zombie-walk right into it. XD

Positive Feedback:


Negative Feedback:

-Zombie look’s weird, bad position. Position it into the middle maybe?
-Text Isn’t so great; color bad & bad font and size is too small. Change it.
-I can barley see the fed tombstones or zombies in the background. Try sharpening it?

Icon isn’t so great, but you can definitely make improvements!

I hope you take this into consideration and make modifications into this artwork!

Wish you best of luck!



The zombies look a bit stretched out, which gives them a very strange look. You should also adjust the font size and font positioning, as well as the font colors and maybe change the font in general. Nothing in this logo really makes sense together, instead of a black background you could add a lot more detail to it. Maybe adding a city scene where the zombies are roaming around on the streets of a city, a long with the title possibly in the middle of the screen or somewhere where it’s not blocking any of the zombies from the players view.

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Looks pretty spooky well i mean its also looks good if i see it on the game front page i would click it cause i like to search some interesting games also create em and because logo really looks interesting

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Where do i start…
positive feedback

  • you tried? props for that i guess


  • Zombie in front isn’t centered, I dont know why the zombie infront is green and the rest are red, and the rest of the zombies at the back look like either satanic zombies or just red tombstones; dont know cuz they are blurred so harshly
  • You seriously abused the blur on the icon, only use blur a little bit for things like backgrounds, things that are supposed to be closer up shouldn’t be blurred with the background
  • no background = bland; give it a background
  • text is in a weird position, the outline of the text isnt softened either, if you lower the text maybe it’d be somewhat acceptable
  • just a nit pick but for everyone’s sake put clothes on the zombies

Keep working at it though, you’ll eventually improve


It’s more of a game icon than an actual logo…

The zombie doesnt look like a zombie, text is black and white which isnt a good color scheme and red tombstones arent a thing…

Keep working on it, it’ll get there.

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Here’s some feedback, even though i’m not an artist i’ll try to help you!

  • Give the green zombie a better face, and use R15 to give it a position.

  • recolor the red zombies to green and same with the text. (leave the white outlines on there)

  • Add a border at the sides of the logo.

I hope my feedback will help you! Have a good day!

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Good start, but looks sort of plain.

Try adding a more vibrant background.
The zombie(s) also look squashed, resizing it would improve the logo overall.

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Pretty decent and easy to see in far distance, but there’s a few improvement you want to make:

  • Too boring? I am not interested into game with this icon, to be honest (No offense)
  • Common game name, making it not superior. Would be much better if you change some of the spelling but still won’t change the pronunciation
  • Would be much better if this is in first person (you are holding a gun aiming at the zombie in the icon)
  • MORE FX (effects)
  • Blurring is bad

A bit negative there but there’s a few appreciation:

  • You tried your best as a beginner!
  • It is easy to see in a far distance
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Look to be honest, its ehh at best.
But you can fix it by making the Virus text improved by making it red or green and having it be an actual drawing and remove that nasty blur on the zombie backround.
Make the zombie and actual zombie and not a green dude and have him look actually scary if thats what your going for, you can achieve this by giving clothes, zombie face etc.
look at other peoples thumbnails for inspiration.
I know you can do better so go ahead and improve this for us and make everyone proud.

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