Feedback on my Logo!

Hey! I’m Hydrinated and I recently just made a logo! I’d like some feedback on It.


the text looks good, but the background doesnt fit. the lower text is really hard for me to read.


I gotta agree with @68oz

the text is really good but not the background. hard to read the bottom text.


Hm… The background looks good to me!

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The font should be less cartoony.

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Hey! If you’re going for a simplistic design then I think this is perfect. However, much like the other feedback, as a result of the colour in the background, the lower text can be difficult to ready. I suggest making it a darker colour or resizing and repositioning the text.

I was trying to make It simplistic! :smiley: I made a couple more:



The first one of the three you sent is really nice! Just a slight tip when you’re using white text, if its hard to read you can maybe add in a drop shadow or an outline.

it looks nice, only thing is that the text could be bigger and maybe a dropshadow

Looks good, however the text can be improved. It looks a bit pixelated.

I don’t really think that the text and the background fit.

Perhaps try some layer styles on the text? Inner glow, stroke and drop shadow then out nice for me when I use the right settings.

I think a more elegant/professional font may look better here as well.

Other than that, overall good job!

I absolutely love the abstract background, it’s a pleasing combination of strong gradients. This gives me a very modern feel. To match with the bold backdrop, I suggest you can change your font into something sharper/stronger (I recommend Century Gothic Bold or Futura Heavy) and fix the resolution. Otherwise I love this, keep up the good work!

The background and text looks jaggy. try to give 'em smoothness or slight blur. and change the font. they don’t look appealing. but listen, it’s great as a whole!

I recommend adding a Text Stroke so the white text has outlines. This way, it’ll be much easier to read since it isn’t blending in with any other bright colours, while keeping it simple still.

It looks like you just got the background from a stock site and added some text over it.

If that’s the case I’ll recomend you to use other techniques such as learning how to use most edition programs, if not, then I apologize and I would like to say it looks really neat.

The typograph contrasts a lot with the style and doesn’t match at all. I don’t like it.

My advice is that you keep working on your designs and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Keep it up.

Quite unique, this definitely stands out in comparison to the majority of the mediocre, boring, overdone ones. Though I noticed the font seems off, and could use some improvement in being either bigger and more clear/defined

The logo itself looks good, however I wouldn’t use the Apple backgrounds. You can make a background similar to what you made in this post. You can pull that off in any image editor like Photoshop or Paint.NET in under 5 minutes. Your logo would look more original and authentic that way.

Kind of Pixelated, I’d put some sort of shadow behind the text or change the Hue for more contrast, if not completely overhaul the background.

The font is a little wonky, but it works,

The bottom text is hard to read since It’s where there’s a area where it get’s bright right where you put it.