Feedback on my low-poly building

In my free time I created a low poly storefront building, and I want your opinion.

  • Does it look good?

  • How can I improve?

Note: Nothing is imported; there is no interior

Here are some photos:

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading!

Oh, forgot to mention. Here is my inspiration. (NOT MINE):


You did pretty good for a first build. What program did you use?

Just solid modeling. Blender is pretty hard :sweat_smile:

For being your first build ever in low poly it looks amazing… I got some buddies who could probably use a builder that can build in low poly if you’re looking to make some robux down the road, hit me up on disc if you have one SharkiDave#6571 :slightly_smiling_face:

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I might create a separate post for the asset marketplace, when I know a little more about it. Thank you! :grinning:

It looks really stylish! The window shining really makes a good touch.

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It looks great, I wouldn’t change anything about it.

I would price it for around 500 - 800 robux, if you made a set or a large map, the price would 100% increase dramatically.

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It looks very nice! :slightly_smiling_face: I honestly wouldn’t change anything about it. I’d say it’s worth around 500 robux. The small details like the window and those grey bricks on the walls make it really come together.

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Looks very well done for first low poly build I like the little dark grey bricks on the building it gives it more character to it. What you could do to improve and it can get you more value to it is adding a interior to the building so players can go inside the building. You could also add a building sign like the inspiration picture you have. Overall I would say around 600-950 robux.

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Pretty nice,

Maybe you could try adding some windows on the back as well, other than that, its pretty nice.
This would probably go for about 75 :robux_gold: - 123 :robux_gold:.

Best of luck.

The build is amazing for a first time. You could sell this for 950 to 1.2K

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It really looks amazing, keep up the good work

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