Feedback on my low poly fence

Hey I’m Lap_124 , a roblox developer.
I have made a low-poly barrier for my egg hunt place.
here are some screenshots:

  • The gray pebbles are made using free-models heptagons
  • The corners of the fence are taken from a free model fence. They are made of 6 parts.

Please give feedback !


They are ok and pretty simple would probably be nicer in a build though.

Yeah I know, I won’t let the fences empty.
Thanks for your comment

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I think the fence is pretty good so far! I always love low poly style builds. And for me, I think this fence is perfect!

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did you make this with blender???

It looks really good! Maybe add some size differences to the pebbles / some more clear size difference. Besides that, I really do not see a way to improve on the fence as I just love the simplicity!

no i didnt do that with blender
I entirely did that with parts
(the corners are took from a free model but I found them stylish)

Thanks for all the good comments !