Feedback on my low poly house

I’m really happy how this turned out but I’m open to any constructive criticism!




So far so good, a good step in the right direction. But I do have one minor suggestion, I know it’s a low-poly build, but I would make the door on the house look just a tiny bit more detailed. Great job regardless!


It’s looking good overall but I suggest putting a bit more detail into the door. Some things you can do for the door is to make the handle a bit more detailed, and I see that the door is made of 2 parts, maybe make those 2 parts different colors.

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It’s great. The colour contrast is really good. It looks like a doll house and the chimney really adds up to the beauty of the building. One thing is that the second floor windows need a good window frame.

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Looks quite decent for a first attempt i just feel like you need to add more then one color on your build, the color scheme is quite repetitive and included on majority of the objects on the house. Perhaps add a little bit of yellow there and other shingles using parts and moving them different degrees.

There are some minor things that you may want to take into consideration. From what I can see the front appearance could use some improvements I feel like you should decrease the height or include some minor window styles in the center of the (build) as it’s look quite noticeable consider tweaking that a bit I would consider using a color pallet site to find a proper theme? I feel like you should remove the bland color on the chimney it looks unappealing.

While It’s a good build there are still space for improvements in certain areas.

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Thanks! I really don’t have much of an eye when it comes to colors! This will be very useful.
I thought about adding another round window but I thought it would look a little out of place.

Look very nice. The colors blend together nicely!

I really like the build. A way you could improve this is if you could improve the door. I also feel like it would be a bit better if you added a little bit more of the bricks you added in.