Feedback on my low-poly kitchen models

I am currently making a low-poly kitchen, what can I improve upon with these models?

It’s alright, but could definitely do with some improvements.
For one, the blender looks weird and just isn’t clean. Some parts seem more detailed than others and something about model as a whole doesn’t sit quite well.

Not really much criticism about the oven, it feels cartoony and has that stylized look. Detail is evenly distributed pretty much everywhere. Of course could always be further refined with some manual tweaks, but looks great.

Knife also looks cool, too detailed to be a stylized model in my opinion, but still looks well done nonetheless. Could’ve tried a bit less detail.

Overall, models aren’t that bad, but the one model that doesn’t fit in at all is that blender, just isn’t visually appealing to look at.

These low-poly kitchen models look great! Nice job on them!

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The knife is not really feeling low-poly due to the middle as you can see when the knife is getting bigger and smaller it just ruins the look of being low-poly