Feedback on my Low-Poly Medieval Houses?

Greetings Roblox Devs,

I’m currently working on a project and was wondering how good my Low-Poly houses are. I made them entirely from Roblox Studio, no blender, or anything. I was wondering what I can improve, and what I did good on.

I recently just made this so I really need some feed back wether it is good or not!


It looks very good as far as the design goes. The only thing I would change is that the colors are to bright and vibrant for a mid-evil house. I wound make it about darker.


I agree, colors could be a bit darker. Overall nice work.

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Quite nice, those rocks in front of the buildings can be moved a little downwards tho IMO


I love the details in the path and the nature around your build!
Personally the bricks that stick out the wall like so: image
I think that you should make the bricks a whitey color :+1:

Other than that your build goes together quite nicely, keep up the work!

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Looks great and neat, you did a great work making it, it gives those simplistic detailed vibes but overall great work dude keep up with the nice work.

I find it very well built, I don’t know what those brown rectangles are, but everything else is really good! I love it keep the good work up!