Feedback on my low-poly simulator map

I am currently working on a low poly simulator map, how is the start of my map, and is there anything that I should add?


Looks awesome! Though I like the idea of maybe a water fall which makes the river have a little more sense to it:

Maybe also adding some rocks along the riverside. As well as maybe adding some cattail plants ( Not sure what sort of environment you’re aiming for, but they seem nice to add )

Also having a different variety of trees. You don’t exactly need to make new models or anything fancy, but potentially just re-colouring the trees to a different shade, giving them a different size and a random orientation.

I also think the current rock variety is rather ‘bland’. I think even 2 or 3 different models of the rock will look a lot nicer.

The grass seems fine, however the grass you have is only a single family of grass pieces. Maybe having the grass be clumped up might look interesting:
( Top being your current grass, Bottom being an updated version )

The bridge looks nice no critiques about that.

The shop, or whatever that yellow ring is; I think it’s too far in the corner, maybe pushing it towards the centre will look nicer and benefit the player’s gameplay, and also you’ll have the ability to build a sort of shop around it with all the space you need.

The ‘mountains’ or ‘hills’ don’t really seem to match the colour of the ground. That isn’t a bad thing what so ever, just looks a little odd to me.

But besides that, it looks great. Can’t wait to see the final product!

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Thank you! I was thinking about using a waterfall, but I didn’t know how i would place it into my border, and it would look a little weird just placing it into the border. The colors weren’t matching because I used UV editing in blender for the border, do you know a way to change the color from roblox?

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I’m not really sure about UV editing and changing UV’s within roblox. However you could copy the colour of the ground, and re-draw the UV with the updated colour.