Feedback on my Low Poly terrain

hi, i just want some feedback on my low poly terrain, obviously this isn’t perfect, but i would really appreciate it if u could leave some feedback (link is an image)


not bad for a standard terrain but can you make more the terrain it need some work now but it was classic so i not mad i just wanted to change the look of the terrain

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It’s extremely outdated.

‘Terrain’ in 2013 consisted of nothing more than a flat baseplate with some mountains around it. This adheres to that old trope that is really out of fashion now that building has universally improved.

Instead, focus on hills, beaches, seas – make everything flow fluidly from one part of the terrain to the other rather than making something dull with a wall around it.

Add some variation to it. It’s pretty easy to see that you used the same mountain and just rotated it and resized it. You have a good start going. Either way, Good job! Keep working on it and you’ll nail it down soon.

Only using blender can remove classicness

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This isn’t bad terrain, but could use more detail although I do agree that this style is kind of outdated, and you would be better off listening to @Somnar suggestions.


Mhm! Thank you, I see what you mean now. I’ll try to work on that.

While it does look good for a first attempt I would say though make more variations of them instead of just one that you re-size try giving it a unique shape that won’t make it easy to see what shape it is because at the moment it looks like you copied and pasted the same mountain around the whole map, however there’s nothing wrong with that but try adding different types of mountains.

What I mean by this is other different shapes right now some of the lower parts look a little odd. It’s also looks weird in the fact 1 side is much taller than the other side, however that could be from the way you took the picture.

Other than that, great job! I’ll try to focus on the small details you plan on adding.

Those are free models, and the overall design is obviously used in every simulator (with the terrain being placed around the map)

The mountains aren’t free models, I made them on blender.

Oh, apologies, there is just mountains that look like them in the toolbox, sorry.

Yeah, it’s fine.

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I think it’'s fine, but you should add more detail on the Low Poly terrain, but for you, I think you are still a starter, but I wanted to show you a Low Poly terrain video, which can really help you, and you can make it really good on the detail.

This can help you use a plugin, which called, Low Poly Terrain Plugin, and if yo still want to use on blender, then here the video for you, and it can improve your Low Poly terrain the most, and I always use those skills for my roblox maps.
Also, I give you a good feedback, and I just wanted to help you more still.

Thank you! I’ll have a look at all of them.

You could stack the terrain to make it like a mountain or you could check this post to make a border. I would suggest the terrain that you make is better to be used as hills rather than border.

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