Feedback on my LowPoly hospital

Hello There! I made Low poly hospital. I need some suggestion to make my build better!
Also I need reasonable price for this build. Here are some of Hospitals photos!


Emergency Entry.



Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!


Looks pretty neat. I would recommend adding some detail to the top (the roof) such as vents, maybe a helicopter landing pad, as well as a Exit Door.

Awesome work!


Thanks for feedback! Yes I will put your suggestions to my upgrade list.

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Awesome work, I agree with TedArthur, you must add a helicopter landing pad. Also, i would sell it about 1,000R$

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You should add a interior If that is something your thinking of.

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Hello! This looks quite cool! I recommend adding some more details to the room, and maybe the windows. I suggest adding some light smudges onto the windows. Like TedArthur said, a Helicopter Pad would be really cool. Awesome Job!

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The emergency entry & back are lacking a little detail, the same with the roof. It’s all pretty flat, it’d be better if you had like vents, etc on the roof.

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Thanks for your are suggestions, I love them!
Also I updated roof:



I hope you guys like it!


I would recommend adding a short road for the front and the side of the hospital. It would make it blend in much better in my opinion.

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You could put a “H” letter or some sort of a thing above the entrance.

Try making the light blue a bit of a darker, and more saturated blue. I’m not really sure how to explain it :laughing:

Something like that, but a bit lighter. You could also try adding a shine on the windows

I think it’s a good start, but it’s a bit “boring” if that makes sense. It’s very blocky, I recommend try using some unique shapes. A great example of low poly buildings is Adopt Me, try look at some of their builds for inspiration.