Feedback on my Mac10 model!

I made this Mac10 model in blender and I would like some feedback, what could I improve? What could I add to this? Anything is appreciated!


Wow! That looks really good! I don’t think there is anything to improve on.


Barrel looks too small, other than that it’s good.


Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it!

Looks spectacular! Only improvements I can think of are the barrel and the sight, otherwise, this looks simply amazing :heart:


The barrel looks too small for a bullet to exit the gun and the gun itself looks a little boxy, otherwise it looks great!

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This model looks good, there isn’t anything obvious that degrades from its look. Despite what others have said, I think the barrel looks fine, based on available reverences. However, it seems too high on the gun. Right now it’s inline with the ejection port, but it should be a bit closer to the receiver.

I also think it would look better if you added on rivets and other such fastening parts to the weapon. Where they’re supposed to be, of course.

Other than that, this is one of the better firearms I’ve seen on the DevForum. Good work.