Feedback on my maintenance hallway

Hello fellow developers!

I would like to receive some feedback on my maintenance hallway. I ran out of ideas and I would like to get some suggestions or ideas what would be nice to add.


Looks great, where did you get the textures?
I would recommend adding some crates or boxes

Thanks for the feedback!

I found and used some open source textures.

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Really good! I’d suggest to add some models.

Wow, it looks great! Maybe add some sort of boxes, crates, and possibly some plastic tarp strewn on the floors. Another idea would be some grills on the ground of the passage (not barbecue grills, the metal coverings with slits on the sides that cover pipes and things, not sure if I used the right term here) and some red alarm lights on the top/sides as well as a button or lever to activate them. You can make these alarms whichever type you like, for realistic or unrealistic situations. Overall, great job!

Thanks! Alarms will be added later, it’s for an SCP game, I’m just in-charge of this sector and the alarms aren’t done yet.

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Really cool, the lights look a bit too “modern” for the style, but it looks sick!

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(I don’t know if it is actually a free model, but it looks extremely similar)

Maybe make a door model yourself, add things such as exposed wires, outlets, high detail stuff.

Overall your build looks lovely, if not a bit bland.