Feedback on my map as it nears finishing

Hello everyone, posted here semi-frequently over the past month and since then I’ve made a lot of progress on a map I’m working on. I’ve gotten some more help from others, particularly from another builder and progress has sped up drastically.

Here’s a screenshot with disabled color correction so you can see the map better :

Here’s the map itself : The Last Days - showcase - Roblox

(there’s some floating parts and z-clipping as I am constantly updating every part of the map so I do leave quite a mess, sorry)

I’ve added most of your suggestions and feedback from the first post I made here to the last.

Thank you, looking forward to your feedback :slight_smile:


@ScytheSlayin Image brightness isn’t an issue as the OP linked the place itself (for which he is asking feedback). Despite this, the game is also quite dark so I would work on more acceptable lighting therein.

Good progress on your build so far. I’ve been watching intently.

If you are going to have so large a place though, I highly recommend adding more features to it or creating a sprint script. It can be quite dull to walk down a long, paved road without much scenery (both literally and due to the darkness). The city plan is rather square, which could also add to this perception of dullness. Apocalypse Rising, for example, is much more colourful and close-quartered and thus attracts more attention.

Regarding your own game, some large tree trunks that have fallen over or collapsed statues would serve appositely as scenery in such a situation, as well as adding to the lore.

Of course, these are but suggestions. Good luck with your game.


Hello fellow Developer, mer5000

Overall the map wonderful, I love the aspect of it, and I do love the lighting, give’s it kinda a scary vibe.


  • Maybe add more Larger Buildings and taller ones
  • If it’s post apocalyptic, add more gutted out buildings, and more destroyed looking buildings.
  • Add broken roads, like heavily cracked and damaged road’s.

Thank you for reading,


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As a concept, you’ve definitely captured a certain ambiance and honed in on a special style. I couldn’t find much that conflicted with conveying the idea of a post-apocalyptic town. You could definitely add more though to help create a more engaging map however.

Im currently unaware of the story for the apocalypse this environment has faced, so, if you could provide more information on what caused the end, that could be useful for posters to recommend suggestions. The cause, timeframe since, along with just general function of the map for the player would be good to know.

in general though, possibly adding some more decimated/ dilapidated buildings could help convey a certain story, seeing the age of the buildings being conveyed by the textures.

Also, just to nitpick- your dead tree meshes look a bit stretched. It might just be because your original mesh was quite short so there might not be a quick solution, but I’d look into possibly changing in the future :smile:.

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Thank you for your suggestions

As you pointed out, the sprinting and other gameplay mechanisms will be added in the coming month or so (crafting, loot spawning, health, thirst, hunger and ‘sanity’ bars are some of the features)

I will add in what you suggested, thank you.

Also regarding the city square, that isn’t the city that’s just a high-density area. The city will be made in the coming days.

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Thank you for your suggestions, I’ll add in some dilapidated buildings soon.

What do you think can be added to make the map more ‘engaging’?