Feedback on my map so far

Hello I’m working on a game called classic clash I’m a beginner builder/game designer. Right now I wondering how my map is so far? Does anyone think the particles don’t fit? I’m also wondering what movement types I should have, Right now I have jumpads, floating platforms/parkour, Moving platforms, Ladders, Spikes and planes any thing else I should add. Last I’m trying to make a map with old ROBLOX vibes but remastered, Does anyone see that?

(Sorry if my grammar is bad or you don’t understand just let me know)

game link: Classic Clash (WIP) - Roblox


I like the map but I find it a bit too bright. Maybe reduce the fog.

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Thanks! I’ll work on that! Anything else?

It’s great, but as said you are going for a classical style, so maybe change the lighting a bit.
Other than that, it’s pretty good

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I think you’ve gotten the vibe you’re going for. I would suggest reducing the fog and particles. Lightening the green platform so it looks a little brighter might also help with the feeling you’re trying to get.

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