Feedback on My Map

Hey Fellow developers, I’m working on a round based game and I want your opinion on one of my maps this ones called the “Store Map” pretty basic so if you have any opinions on that tell me as well.

Tell me what you think! :slight_smile:


Honestly, I think it’s pretty good. I think there could be a little bit more detail in the front but otherwise, it’s nice.


Thanks for the feedback I’ll work on that

I don’t really see this as a map and more of an asset but it looks simple but good.

Thanks for the feedback I’ll add more to it

This looks good, maybe a little more detail on the front of the store, like maybe a target. other than that looks great :smile:

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Looks good, maybe smoothen the sharp edges?

I don’t like it. You asked for an opinion, well hunny you’re getting one.
There is no railing on the stairs, the front access is too complex, the building is too short.
I like the concept of it, sure but you need to redo it.

Ok ill look into that thanks for the feedback

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it’s awesome though I really like the colors

thank you for the feedback I will work on that

Thankyou for the feedback ill make the map bigger to add more detail

Ok Guys I’ve fixed it up a bit its not done but am I going in the right direction?


Looks pretty good!

I made a little recreation to help visually since I’m bad at explaining.

Tip: use a character as a reference to know the scale of the build otherwise it might be too small or too big.

Small details like these extrusions on the bottom add detail to flat poles/supports.

You could add a sidewalk. Using darker/lighter colors on details like these helps bring them out and make it look less flat (same thing with the pole detail).

These are mostly personal preferences and random stuff I’d do to add more detail to the current build.

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Oh ok thankyou for doing that I will work on that now

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Pretty good! Very nice colors! Keep up the great work! <3

Thanks for the feedback that means a lot

Looks pretty nice! i like the simplistic look of it as well

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