Feedback on my map

How can I improve this build?

I did use asset packs in this pack since my computer is to trash to get blender. I am also a scripter, not a builder. But please feel free to leave any feedback on how I can improve it.


Awesome, classic simulator game. May I play it, or is it still in development?

I can’t get the link right now but it is in my main group called “Hawk gaming”

It’s called throwing simulator btw

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Alright, I’ll check it out! I belive in you that it will be great!

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Thanks! If you have any gameplay feedback that will also be appreciated!

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Maybe animations for the shop people, so they dont just stand still.

Alright, will do! Sorry but I won’t be able to reply anymore. Got school

You should probably add more decorations around the map a bit because it looks a bit plain to me. But overall 10/10 Build.

Alright I’ll make sure to do that!

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It’s Kinda similar on other Simulators I found, It’s Common. Like even the UI on it, Too many Simulators is on Roblox and 10% of Simulators on Roblox is famous and the rest 90% is Dead and get Content Deleted.

My Feedback about the Map is Common which is still Good but I saw a lot of Games like this. :confused:

I appreciate your honesty! Is there any way I can make my map more unique? I’m new to building so I heavily used inspiration from other simulators.

Yes, Everyone have a lot of Imaginations that we can use on Reality.
I suggest to change the UI Style and the King Mode, Maybe make another way to make players PVP For something like 10,000 Coins or Diamond.

That’s why David Baszucki saying to Community "Powering Imagination"

Alright, I have an idea of what I can do. Thanks for the suggestions they really helped a lot!

I made some changes to the map:

Uploading: 71D58778-1884-489F-B59A-E2CB4C205854.jpeg…

Mostly added rocks and trees for detail.

Thanks to @EmulationNerd, @Crazymanbos, @Michael_Master13, and @Limited_Unique for the feedback! If you have any more about the new map feel free to say so!

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I dont like the classic spawn pads they are a bad contrast to the rest of the map and they make it look kinda unprofessional in my opinion

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I am taking those spawns out in the next update, thanks for the feedback! If you have any more please tell me!

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I have seen another map that looks VERY similar to this one. I think it might be the free assets, but I understand that you cant really control that. Also I would recommend to try and make better models for each rock, (if you can).

but overall pretty fun.

Cool stuff, I like it!! Maybe add a cartoony rock texture for the concrete??

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Is there a specific rock that does not look good? Or is it all of the rocks?

wasn’t sure if should add a rock texture, I will now! Thanks @inure3D

the ui can be wayyy better but you asked for feedback on the map. well its pretty ok, i dont know if the water flows or anythin but the targets don’t look so good like that and your shop zone and main lobby is very undetailed and you need more foliage