Feedback on my map?

What do you guys think about my Moscow Border map?
Most assets are mine but there are the occasional free model
and purchased assets. It took around 2 weeks to create and is one of my proudest creations.
Honest feedback would be highly appreciated!


This looks really nice. What does an overview of the map look like?

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If you would like to checkout the entire game, here’s the link to do so.
If no one’s online you can use the illegal entrance to pass the border.!/about

This isn’t map related, but have you thought about making it so the UI closes when you walk away from merchants?

Ah, there’s a close button at the top of the shop GUI.

I’m aware, the text was a little small and I found it, but it still might be good to close it after distance, so people can’t open the gun shot, walk away, get somewhere, purchase and receive the gun then shoot.

Just an idea.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll take it into consideration.

Looks cool. I would add more detail to certain buildings or just make different styled buildings. If i am going to be honest, the windows are very repetitive, but besides that looks great.


WOW! This is more than…amazing.

I can’t think of what needs to improve, yet.

But you need to teach me these building skills :laughing:

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I love it! The detail is amazing and i think it’s the most original border map I’ve ever seen,10/10.

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It’s my main aim for future updates, to be the most original Soviet Union group due to most using the same assets. Thanks for the feedback!

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Exceptionally well built, looks exactly like the Kremlin. Appears open and clean, all though I don’t know if that’s because of your building style or Russia’s lol. I would still add some fences in between those three buildings in picture five

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Try adding a texture of “kruschyovka” on exterior walls of some buildings. It may make the game more realistic.

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This is really REALLY good! You made great use of the concrete material and other materials. This really inspires me to build and try out your style! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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This map is amazing! It looks like one of those military games like: Papers please and such. It’s just plain amazing, everything looks very nice. Good job!

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It looks amazing! I have been trying games like this a long time ago and this one is great! I would recommend replacing the free models as you could get in trouble because of that. Overall I love it.

  • Just wanted to talk about the sign and the russian writing. It was written not right as the verb before the last word is the present tense, but if to make it better, you have to write this word i the past tense as it is russian grammar, checked the dictionary.
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We all know there are more than occasional free models. Whole Kremlin is a leaked FM. But it doesn’t matter that much in early stages of development.

I see that you put a lot of effort into the map. Try playing with lighting, add more decorations or propaganda posters.

P.S. Stealing layouts and ideas from larger groups isn’t nice :wink:

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The Kremlin was purchased by one of my old devs from Dexthius, he was the original creator and he mostly sells his assets now. I’ve also purchased his Kursk map. It’s a shame how some bigger groups believe they can claim ownership over assets they purchased themselves. The leaked FM version is not the one I currently use.

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Beautiful Soviet map, great job.