Feedback on my map

Hiya, I’d Idiofy a aspiring game maker and a modeler. I made a build about 2 days ago that I want to share with y’alll

Time took: 30 mins
I got inspiration off someone else but I forgot their name.


I like your build but theres way too much neon things for me to tell whats happening, from what I can tell I think theres a cauldron floating over lava with some diamonds/gems in the roof?


This looks amazing but it could use some work. Add more creativity into the walls like dinosaur bones or like little pieces of gold. Other then that it looks good. Also remove the neon it hurts my eyes. Or make it less bright.


Yeah I thought it looked bland but I didn’t know what to put. The neon is diamonds. Thanks for the feedback :+1:

You cant really see whats happening so making it less bright would help

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