Feedback on my Medieval House

Hello! I’ve been making houses for the last couple of weeks, testing my style and I think this one turned out pretty good. Any thoughts of improving my house?


Hey there, great design overall! I really like the low poly style.

Just one thing though: the roof. I believe it looks too bright. Try turning the blue’s saturation and value down a bit (making it darker).

Other than that, good job!


Style is great! I love the small details you added. Could use a bit more differentiation in shape. Perhaps protruding the sides/front/back to give it more depth/make it more 3D.

I also think the roof doesn’t really fit in with the current theme/style you went for.


Overall, I like the build. However there are some minor details that you may wanna look into changing. Like the others have said, the roof could use some tweaking, but aside from that the dark grey bricks on the main section of the wall appear to be protruding out unnaturally. The last thing that I would change is the very bottom of the house, I’d personally change it to a dark grey like the bricks on the wall. But aside from that, the build is looking really nice.


What a nice style your “Medieval House” has to it. I like the design, and details you implemented to the house and i think. It looks really good overall it seems to have no other! Details underneath the side roof you added and it doesn’t. Have any kind of equipment, details, decorations. Added to the house! However i would try adding some details! To your build just to give it that full medieval, feel to it such as Wooden Chairs, Wooden Tables, Wooden Barrel, Hanging Lights, ect. To the entrance you could try! Implementing some. Of those details to your cafe there could! Be a lot of different decorations, around your house so it could. Look a lot more improved i’ll just add some, details to the medieval house and around the! Whole house itself so it won’t look empty however! The design your making is really nice. But i would recommend adding the final details, to it so it could look more better overall. You got a nice piece here! Like the style your making great creation.

Medieval House
The medieval house you have created. So far looks very good i like the blue roof, but i would assume adding some wooden shingles to your! House instead of having a blue colored roof. Could make it look a little more better as well i see. You implemented colors to your house and it really! Has the structures and architecture style, to it however there is a couple of things you could, try adding to your house i would add some. More details to your medieval build so it could look more! Improved! And better i would, recommend you add some chairs, hanging lights, barrels, boxes, hammers, baskets, potted plants, ect. Those are some of the decor you could try adding. To your medieval house so it won’t look empty on the exterior part and, underneath the side roof you added these, details would! Mostly go underneath the side roof! You implemented to your house the tools will most likely be on the table and some. Barrels around the house and some inside the, (Workshop) just to give it a more interesting look to it And it seems you don’t have any kind of lighting, around your house or added to it i would! Mostly add some (Fairbury Wall Lantern) in the front of the medieval house so it, could look more detailed you could either, add one lantern light on the two sides by the door part. As you would see these kind of lights always! In the walls in some on the side roof on the support, beams so try adding something like that if you! Plan on adding some details to your medieval house. i know it look a lot more better! If you added other decorations to your house, just to give it more detailed look those are just some of my suggestions you could try adding to your build.

Know these kind of medieval house always have, some kind of equipment underneath the side roof you added to your house. If you plan on adding details to it i would! Recommend you add some Barrels, Chairs, Axe, Racks Hammers, Wooden Baskets, Anvil, Candles, ect. Those kind of details and equipment will mostly. Be in “Workshops” i don’t believe your medieval house, is a blacksmith house they mostly have workshops! Which i do believe these ones, have correct me if i’m wrong. however there mostly underneath the side! Roof you added so you could try adding some, tools on the ground and some on the walls as well try adding some. Candles lanterns onto the support beams, and onto the house just to give it some more details, to it and underneath the side roof i would suggest. You add a (Forge) coming out through the side roof as! You will mostly see these kind of details in, most medieval builds or try adding a chimney on the top of the roof part i know that is one. Thing missing from your creation overall. Try adding the equipment inside the! Side roof or workshop so it be more decent. And then you could try adding extra details such as the ones above. Or the ones you plan on implementing into your scene!!

Anyways the details, texture, design, you added to house i think it looks very good, as most “Medieval House” has details on, the support beams and inside the workshop such as the exterior. You could try adding details to it such as tables, barrels, lanterns, baskets, tools, ect. Overall your medieval creation has that architecture style, to it however i know it needs a little more! So it could look like a complete medieval house only. If you plan on adding details in the front of the, house those are just some i would recommend you add. Here is a couple of other details i’ll add so your house could! Look more better and improved a lot more and like. I said above try adding some decorations, equipment, lights, ect. So the medieval house could have that style to it however i would try adding! Exterior details around the house and on the roof.


  • Wooden Chairs, Barrels, Wooden Tables, Hanging Lights,
  • Wooden Boxes, Wood Pieces, Medieval Street Lamps & Wall Lights
  • Hammers, Forge Fireplace Tools, Racks, Baskets, Street Lights,
  • Window Box, Anvil, Candles, Wall Torches, Horseshoe & Wooden Gates
  • Rack Hanging Hammers, Buckets, Shovels, Picard, Wooden Wagon Wheel,

Overall, these are some of the details you want to try implementing. To your “Medieval House” so it could look more detailed and improved! A lot more however the style you made, looks good i would try adding some hanging wall lanterns, barrels, boxes, around the exterior part and some inside the side roof as most medieval houses. All ways have those kind of details, equipment implemented to the house! And the shape you have right know, looks very amazing with the other improvements your house needs, i know it will stand out more just so it could look more better and improved. Anyways keep working on your building skills your doing really good.


This channel is more for support on actual issues while building. Try #development-discussion:cool-creations for feedback on your creation. There has been too many cases recently with users using the wrong channels for feedback and even I have fallen under this category.

I suggest reading the category rules before posting. It should help more people become aware of where things should be posted.


Sadly, I don’t have access to that channel yet, this is the closest channel that I could possibly get feedback on. I will be more alert next time when I’m making a thread, thank you.

I personally think that the blue roof doesnt fit the medieval theme.

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Hey! I think it looks good, but to spice it up you could use some textures. Medieval Houses are mostly made of bricks. You could use a brick wall texture, for the wood too.

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Very nice design, I love the building style! :heart_eyes_cat: Clean and sleek, well done.

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Overall it looks really good, I feel like the Roofs can use a little more work and detail, and the Bricks need to be positioned differently but overall great build!