Feedback on my Menu GUI


I made a Menu Gui, but I don’t know should I use this, or I must change something :thinking:
The GUI:

Thanks :smiley:


The Play and Extras GUI looks great.
In this topic are you also talking about Kasjmirr House 2 Premium Edtion?

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Personally, not a big fan of the deep blue buttons. Maybe change the color of the buttons a bit? But all in all, it looks super nice.

A title “Kasjmirr House 2 Premium Edition” is a Roblox Premium Perks, I made an Extras option for Premium Members. The original title of the game is Kasjmirr House 2

Better colors?

Yes I do find this better, my advise is you could try to experiment with different colours and most importantly is that you have to like it as well.

Wow yes. That looks way better. Like @CookiesAndCream3861 said, experiment around with different colors.

Not a fan of that font. Really, I’ve seen it everywhere.

Of course it’s not terrible, it doesn’t make the GUI bad, but personally I don’t like it.

As they said, you should experiment with different colors. Maybe add an option for users to choose their own colors, if you want.


Yeah, I want Made this option soon

It looks good but maybe you could add a backround to the GUI and make the title of the game stand out a bit more. (oops replied to the wrong thing)

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