Feedback on my merging game

Hello! I have a chemistry game about merging all kinds of bricks to get a new kind. The average playtime of my game is pretty underwhelming, about ~2 minutes, and it may not be very user-friendly. I was wondering what I could change about my game. If you have any feedback, please post it here! Thank you!!


can anyone give some feedback??

hey, i found the game to be kinda cool and relaxing.
love the game idea, you could make a real game with that idea honestly.

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The game look cool and may be funny. In my view, here is what could be different:

  1. the game is a bit slow to me, taking the brick, moving it and selling it can (maybe) be a bit faster
  2. the guis need a visual rework
  3. maybe you can rework a bit the build of the house itself, i am sure you can do better
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Do you know how I could make it a bit less slow in the beginning?

Well the only thing i see for now is the movement speed when i hold the brick. Do you want me to keep playing to see how to improve your game?

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yes please! I really need to figure out how I can make my game better

Alright, here is a part of my feedback and what i can say:

  • Guis (from the ScreenGui to the SurfaceGui via BillboardGui)
  • You can improve the bricks button visual. Maybe you can use a ViewportFrame and make it so it rotate. Or maybe Hologram bricks?
  • You can improve the brick info screen when a brick drop
  • The sell area could be improved, maybe like a hole where you drops bricks and all parts?
  • The house itself: i don’t want to stay when i see the building level of the house design (Sorry to be rude)
  • Instead of the brick dropping from the air, maybe a dropper?
  • An auto delete after a certain amount of time to prevent lag from people spamming it
  • A tween effect when you press one of the brick button
  • Better doors for the bricktionary and the lab
  • A real light and not a yellow brick on the ceiling
  • Maybe windows like any house?
  • The slowlyness of the grab
  • A sound for the grab
  • A sound for the dropper
  • A sound for the seller

do you know how I could fix the building and make it look better? sorry for constantly replying

I came across some issues:

  • Dragging a brick on mobile to a place I want it to be is like threading a camel through a needlehead
  • The UI was unaware that the brick I was dragging had been sold, and it wouldn’t let me drag another without tapping “Drop” for the ghost brick
  • Dying while holding a brick blocks you from holding it again

More addicting than I would like to admit. This reminds me of the little alchemy games.

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I fixed the last two issues, not sure about the first however.

Alright, sorry i was busy but here is my visual suggestion for your house:
Bricklab.rbxl (132.9 KB)

Feel free to use this house, i won’t keep it as i made it quickly just to give some ideas. Yeah i know, this is not the best house as i don’t have that much time for it but at least it gives you a template if you want

Just to explain something:

  • the pipe could be used for the dropper and the firecamp could be used for the seller.

On the place i just sent, everything is ordered in folders

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Also if you need more helps you can send me some private messages if you want

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