Feedback on my Military GFX

Hello there fellow developers! I’m, XareezX and I just wanted to showcase my new GFX that I made… Now bare with me I haven’t made a GFX in 2-3 months now. So now I’m kinda bad…

But here’s the GFX:

I hope you like it! :slight_smile:


That’s all from me… Bye!

Software: Blender
Photo editor: Photopea


I don’t know much about gfx or how to make them, but this looks very nice.

they’re stunning! keep up the cool works! :+1:

Looks very cool, I like the texture that you used on the clothing. I have a bit of advice, first, you should adjust the hue and saturation of the background or the overall character, so both of their colors match each other, and I’d recommend decreasing the opacity of the ‘Nightvision glow’ so it doesn’t look painted on.

Looks really cool ngl! I love it!