Feedback on my Model

Hello there! I’d like to hear some Feedback on this “Workstation” Model below, it was made by me and it’s almost finished. I appreciate your ideas and thoughts about the model, I’m still working on these materials so they might look a little weird


The textures have the perfect shine and surface detail, it looks incredibly well made. Definitely revise and refine your future projects, I have a feeling you’re going to build a pretty immersive experience, just based off your style alone.

What’d you use to make that???

Hi, I used Blender to model it and to texture

Honestly, it’s amazing! Keep up the good work!

Thank you! I put my effort in my models

Thank you! I appreciate your feedback

It’s a little hard to see, the details and in general, but I can tell that it’s a workstation. There isn’t anything I find “wrong” about it though. The bars at the ends of the top are nice. I believe the things on the desk are a computer and phone. If there is a phone there, it seems a bit thick to me.:person_shrugging: Overall it looks great, not much to complain about really. :+1:

Of course!!!

Hi! It’s a tablet, which is used to interact with that workstation, it’s connected by these contacts:

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This is absolutely amazing! I love the realism of this. Keep it up. :+1:

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