Feedback on my Modern Kitchen

Hey there!
Im ZehTopHat, and I just recently made this build of a modern kitchen, and Im just asking for a bit of feedback!
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Heres a link the the game:

Thank you for reading this! :tophat:


It looks very nice, the only feedback I could give you is to lighten up the countertops and drawers. Black seems too dark.

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Along with what @LandofLee1620 said, I also noticed that the oven and stove don’t have any controls. You might have already tried that and it looked bad, but it just caught my eye. Everything else looks amazing. I love the idea.

Great build! Are there any handles on the cupboards at the top? You should add these.


So do you recommend like gray, or maybe just a lighter shade of black? I used [17, 17, 17] (Really Black) but I could change it to [27, 42, 53] (Black) or [22, 29, 50] (Black Metallic).


Those knobs where something that I was going to do, but then I was like “I’ll do them after I finish the fridge” but then after I finished with the fridge I forgot about the knobs completly. I’ll add those in now and edit this comment to have a screenshot of the stove with the knobs.


No there aren’t any handles, although I can add some!


I’d do something not quite so black. I like [27, 42, 53] that would be a nice shade. Here’s some other RGB values I thought would look nice (if you want to keep with the darker colors) : [99, 95, 98] and [71, 75, 76] both of those values are either black or gray. If you wanted to go a touch lighter I would then suggest a navy blue.

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This Modern Kitchen is great! But you should use more materials, i.e the oven, fridge, counter.

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I love this kitchen. I like how this model has proportionate counters, but I think the fridge is a bit too wide. Maybe give more contrast in the colors, and try and include that blue wall color in the counters or something. That’s all I have to say.

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It looks great! However, I think that the counter top colors should match the color of the fridge. I also realized that you forgot to add handles to the cupboards above the counters. Besides that though, you did an outstanding job!

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that’s amazing to be a modern kitchen I liked

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Add a few textures and it’s good to go.

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The wall color is weird, the tile is weird (change it to flat marble not tile, and it’s not very modern. Modern kitchens usually incorporate a lot of wood, look up “Modern Kitchen” on google.

I didn’t necessarily mean it to be that modern, I just finished it and realized that it kinda came off that way.