Feedback on my Monster meshes i made

Hello! you can call me Tank and i specialize in monster modeling and as of now i would like to request some feedback on my monster models that i’ve made.

stuff i might wanna hear

  • I want to hear some feedback on what i could do to improve the “quality” of the model stuff like detail and stuff.
  • I wanna hear some fun new shortcuts to cut down my modeling time in half so i can work faster.

anyways with that aside heres the monsters down below.


it look good but the eye of the monster you have made must glow to look that monster still alive

You can’t make a glow effect in blender to my knowledge.

In Roblox you can make the eyes Neon, if you make the eyes a separate MeshPart.

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You can make a glow effect but it just doesn’t stay when you export it. Unless its exported to unity or something.

Is their anything else other than “make the eyes glow” I really want to try learn more about blender and what ways to make my models better and faster.

All of this talk about OP “having” to make the eyes glow is silly.

OP, your models are splendid. Well done on creating them in such a detailed and realistic way without making them too overdone. The second one to the right is definitely a little less polished than the rest, however. It isn’t a huge issue but I definitely think it should be given more shape and variation.


Thank you on having a different opinion on my models. So I’m guessing your talking about my dirt golem. Trees it seems a bit underdetailed still I’ll try to work on that.

I am unsure which one is supposed to be the “dirt golem.” I am referring to this:


It just seems to hold less shape and matter than the two on the left, which are perfect in my opinion.

Yes, it can often be very troubling when advice here is as insubstantial as “making the eyes glow”… what utter nonsense. I hope that you gain some profitable feedback here to help you in your modelling, though. It’s certainly going very nicely so far. :slight_smile:

OHH! yes I see so that’s what you mean I got mixed up on which monster is which. The Monster you showed is a bit true that it had not much shape and such. So I’m gonna rework the shape for sure. Thanks on the feedback.