Feedback on my Monstercat × Roblox UI

Been a while since I did UI stuff… and here I am, with a cool UI design! Made from Scratch :cowboy_hat_face:

Hope you guys like it :3


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The UI looks alright the main issues I have with it is the lack of font consistency. The font of the title isn’t the same as everything else.

As for the right side, I’d prefer if you’d use the official Monstercat logo for the right side. In addition, I’d change the color of the Monstercat to black for consistency and readability reasons.

For the left side, I’d probably change the font weight to something a little bit lighter, but that’s just my opinion. The addition of colons between the day hour minute numbers would probably make it a little less confusing, since I had to stop and manually separate the calendar date and countdown the event was happening. Another solution for this is to either separate the calendar date and countdown more or add a thin line between them.

It looks great, but remember that Roblox changed their logo

the UI is great but i think the countdown numbers are not postioned correctly
and the roblox logo changed so ye…
BUT wait did u just leak an upcoming event xd

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Jeez! I didn’t notice the numbers :sob:

I added that old Roblox logo on purpose bc I didn’t like the new one lol

Upcoming event :eyes: In future maybe. Related to Monstercat music :hype:

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It looks good! I would remove the mouse cursor next to the button, as that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

And also, you could probably change the font at the top. Doesn’t fit in.

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