Feedback on my most recent GFX please!

I would appreciate some valuable feedback! I have been trying to get commissions but it isn’t working. Am I lacking skill?!


The character is good but the background is bugging me off, I suggest make a better background or add a better background. overall it was good

Wdym? Do you mean the hills and sky?

Yes, I suggest remove the blur on the background or replace it.

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Hm… Ok. Does it look too close to be blurred or something?

Personally, I don’t mind the blur, the character is the thing being focused on and the background is, well the background, so it can be blurred. It’s good.


Also, I would like to say that the background is actually rendered in

Not sure what it is, but something is really bugging me about the character and the background. They don’t fit in well.

There’s nothing but grass in the background, some trees or other plants would fit nicely.

Ah, ok. Makes sense to me now.

Yeah, it’s been a while since I have done a GFX and forgot some vital stuff for what makes a scene look good

Ok so what I have gathered so far is that the background is too empty and doesn’t fit. Plus the character can’t be in a vibrant scene bc the vibe from the character is more moody. I also forgot some advice I was told. I think less people would be bugged if the character was moved more to the right. I should have tried putting a more mystical/adventurous character in here. Anything else?