Feedback on my most recent GFX

Hi! I’d love to hear some feedback and/or tips on my most recent GFX.

Thank you!


Looks well made! I really like the detail on the character you did! I would recommend making the legs more spread because they look close together lol. It would look nice if you added more texture or detail on the fireplace and the window.

Other than that, it looks good!

Thanks, Fusion.


Will do. Thank you so much for your feedback!

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I think that the background light levels need to be lowered and the flashlight should be more intense to create contrast.


Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it.

I think it looks a bit dark, especially for the background. Make it cartoony, turn up the contrast and saturation. Add color and brightness to the background, maybe add some vignette. There’s not much going on in the GFX, add more detail and make things happen in the background. Maybe add fire to the fireplace giving a warm effect for the winter. I’m not sure what the theme of this GFX is supposed to be, but increase the lighting of the GFX. Maybe add some blurriness to the parts of the GFX that do not need focusing, showing the main area and point of the GFX. Make the spotlight brighter along with the blurriness, and possibly make the spotlight a different color to match the theme of the scene.

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It is supposed to be dark, the grinch is being caught in the middle of the night. Though, I appreciate the feedback.

Log looks like its goin thru the mesh

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