Feedback On My Movement System

For the past 4 days I’ve coded over 400+ lines using module scripts as Components and combining it with Object Oriented Programming and made a basic structure of it so far, I also don’t know how to animate so I just gotten em off the toolbox. I’m just tryna see what I can change or improve on the system at the current moment.


  • X to Sprint

  • C To Crouch

  • You can Jump Multiple Times ( Limit Is 3 )

  • Theres a Limit To How Long You Can Run (200 Stamina) But It Regens I Just Don’t Have UI For It Besides The Console


List of feedback:

  • make Shift key to Sprint
    • this is industry standard. Even better if there is a way to change the keybind of an action.
  • make Ctrl key to Crouch
  • the camera movement turning is way too harsh imo. Same issue when sprinting tween. And, there’s no way to turn it off or reduce it.
  • Sprinting changes FOV, I personally wouldn’t do that. It is disorienting and can making intended gameplay difficult in likely unintended ways. Since this is a prototype of movement, or that’s what I’ve gotten from this, there is not gameplay. That makes it difficult to justify what I’d call “bad” movement by gamedesign choices. No offense meant.
  • Sprinting having stamina creates and stop-and-start situation that I’d say most would find annoying.
    • Yooka-Laylee is a game that does this. And, I dislike it in-part for that limiting system of sprinting. I say this because it’s an example of what this game is doing. I believe players should be able to move how they want, when they want. That means not limiting movement like this. At least, that’s important for a platformer video game. That’s my area of expertise, but I can’t tell what genre or game design ideas you are going for.
  • Sprinting is a toggle system here where you press it once to go, until time runs out. Focusing on the toggling part of this, I disagree with that, but I understand some enjoy that style of sprinting. And thus, I recommend having an option in a full game for toggle to sprint versus hold to sprint.
  • I can’t jump and sprint at the same time. Why? This seems to limit movement for no good reason.
  • The mario-style breakable blocks are nice, but they don’t respawn. Some joined in the game, broke the boxes, and so I couldn’t break much of them myself.

Also, crouching doesn’t work:

I use an R15 body. Maybe that has something to do with it. Idk.

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Yo thanks for responding man, appreciate it, I’ll def look into it even more and take your suggestions in consideration, and also the game im going for is a round based fighting game where players will be able to get power ups and use em to kill other players and get a higher score. Right now I’m just working on the movement structure.

and the game is meant to be r6 so thats prob why r15 dont work with crouch.

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I like the idea and I can see how the crouching can be used as a dodge there. And sprinting out of the way might catch people off guard. Or, make people question how to aim at a player. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is fun, Bedwars on Roblox too in the early days. Minecraft also used to have a battle mode on the old console editions. Just some ideas for inspiration. :grin:

In Roblox Studio → Game Settings → Avatar, you can limit the game to R6 only. This will automatically convert player avatars into R6 so the game is better playable. I recommend toggling that:

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Thanks man, once again appreciate the criticism dead serious never gotten criticism like that before so this will be pretty helpful on improving it.

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So far I removed the Tweening FOV for running, changed the Keybinds to more suitable or the Standard, you were right about limiting movement for no reason so you can jump and sprint at the same time and that gave me a idea I’ll add Dashing for more movement, for the sprinting I’ll figure out how exactly I’m going to implement the option for a player to toggle sprint or not by trial and error. I was planning on making the blocks respawn which is what I’m going to do after I fix this crouching error. For the Stamina tho I think I am gonna keep it, it just really depends.

Ima publish everything tomorrow after since I’m planning on a big update to the blocks and the round system itself/

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Overall you did a good job! There are a few minor problems that should be sorted, but nothing too complicated to fix. Good luck.

Here are a few things I noticed that I would change:

  • Changing the FOV slightly will give the effect of moving much faster (even if you are in reality only moving one or two studs faster). Slight changes to the FOV by up to 5 higher than the default should give a good sprinting effect without being disorientating, and then you won’t have to get rid of the effect entirely.

  • Once the boxes are destroyed, they still have collisions, so that may be something to look into fixing.

  • Running into an object while sprinting (causing you not to actually move anywhere), continues to depletes stamina. This is a small detail that you may want to address, although it isn’t that big of a deal.

  • Game freezes when respawning, IDK if this is just me or not.

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The Running into the object, I am gonna work on that right now, the box collisons I just added invisible parts anchored in workspace because the collisions are kinda funky on the mesh