Feedback on my museum game & map

This is my first ever big project that I have been working on for about 4-5 months by myself and I would like to get some feedback! :smiley:

This is what the museum currently looks like.

And this is what the map currently looks like.

I am gonna add more buildings to the map so that it does not feel empty.


Great wall details! The ceilings are a bit too plain, maybe add some sort of patterns(optional). It’s also a bit dark in some places like the seventh picture. Nonetheless, keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see the map when its completed. :+1:


Thank you! I’m gonna add some design to the ceiling now, hopefully it’ll look better! :smiley:

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It looks very good so far :+1: I love all the detail and effort you put into this. I agree with you about adding more buildings. Inside at the front, it seems a bit empty, perhaps you could add a gift shop on the side or a snack bar kind of place/tiny restaurant. A lounge with a fireplace would also look nice if you could fit that somewhere near the front.
Overall great job this is excellent work :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!
I will definitely try to add a tiny cafe and a lounge near the front!

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Looks really nice good work good job

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I think the museum looks pretty good!
My suggestions though:

  • The inside of the museum looks really nice, but the only thing I think doesn’t blend with the rest of the interior is the ceilling. I just don’t think the texture blends in with the rest of the build.

  • For my second suggestion, I think that you should raise the ceilling a little.

  • And now for my last suggestion I think that you should add some more seats, or trash cans, just to fill up the space, for example in picture 7, it looks like there is a large empty space. Also in picture seven it seems a little dark, so I recommend adding some more lights or turing the brightness up on the ones already there

But other then that, I think it looks amazing! :smile:


the windows look too bright in my opinion.

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The windows on the other floors are neon parts, I added them so that it would not look to dark & empty & they will only stay there until I decide to add more floors in a future update.

I really like it! It is well made and it’s nice. I have a couple of suggestions. It feels a little empty around the museum so maybe adding something like a couple of trees, benches, or anything that would fill it up. Another suggestion (this depends on your style) is adding sun-rays or some sort of nice sky. It would add a little bit of a nice vibe to it but this is all up to you. Overall, it’s a great build.


A very well done job you’ve done with the museum!