Feedback on my music? (Part 2!)

Since the last post of my Feedback on my music I made a few months ago, it doesn’t really get that many good reviews. Here’s what I created for my beat simulator.

Sound is optimized for airpods, extra bass headphones, and regular headphones. Please use headphones for best experience!

Hope you like it. Please share you opinions and feedback


I like them, but some of the vocal parts feel a bit yucky. Especially in the first one. I don’t think they’re needed there and I think the song would definitely benefit from removing them. In the second song towards the end the vocal parts a a bit too loud and could afford to have their volume lowered. Other than that they sound great. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for letting me know about the vocals. I made a mistake and dragged the last vocals for the second song in the wrong channel causing them to be louder

The first track is all aggressive and bumping, but the lead doesn’t pierce through enough and the beat pattern is quite flat and not interesting. Perhaps you can crash every 4 or 8 bar?

The second track sounds like classic dubstep. There are some issues with the vocal sample not being smooth enough, perhaps you can try to fix some enveloper around it? Percussions could use some extra working on every 8th bar and ending the percussion with some FX or whatever works.


Thanks for letting me know and what I should add! I haven’t made music since February so I need to get the feeling back lol

I like them both, great work, keep it up!

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first one : D I S C O

second one : it ok

and no i dont like it at ALL but i do LOVE it

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I like the first one, but the vocals… just no. The song would be a lot better without them. Besides that, it’s pretty good. The second one sounds fine, but I don’t like it. I’m just not into that kind of music. Overall, these songs are decent.


I like the beat to it, but I feel that the vocals are not needed

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