Feedback on my Music

Im making some music for my game SO64, and I want feedback on what I can do to improve future music for this game or other game(s).


Kaizoos Shop - It’s a very odd song. I really like the rhythm, I think it fits the Mario-esque mold but the actual melody and additions later on (like the snare drum) are very weird. The song does not follow any sort of key (which songs do not have too, experimentation matters) but it creates an awkward feeling in the song that would make it harder to listen to. Also the synths are layered while they’re in the same octave makes it even more harder to listen to.

CEO Newtons Theme - This one is better, mainly because the key does not matter as much. It’s like a metal song in a way, just 8-bit. It’s very industrial, and I think that is good. It makes sense with what you’re trying to do.

The Heck Lands - Very ambient, but yet again very awkward. It doesn’t sound a melody, it sounds like random keys being played. The beginning and the end lacks the reverb that makes the track work, I think that should be throughout the entire song.

Mix Up - For some reason reminds me on Kim Possible, but although the song is very experimental especially in its use of off beats and messing with the flow in a good way, it’s hard to listen to though because there is no drums or anything. You did add that little synth near the end and that was pretty cool, but you need to add drums to this one.

Overall/TLDR - These tracks sound very unfinished, and I would not use them in the game except for CEO Newton’s Theme. They’re not really that bad or anything, I’ve heard worse in games with millions of plays, it just doesn’t sound like you know what you’re doing musically. The songs are awkward, it’s not mixed properly, the things that are really good about the songs come in and out.

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Thanks for the response, Do you know a good way to mix up instruments? and how to make good instrument pairs to make it a memorable song?

And also, from your portfolio, the bossfight/8-bit music, what did you use to make the chiptune?

This should have a lot of what you need to know:

Also, I use sforzando and most likely Undertale soundpacks.

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I like all of them tbh (especially heck)