Feedback on my new 3D Terrain for my Game

I have mostly finished the terrain for my wilderness survival game. It used to be on a 2D map, but I have changed into a 3D map, after changing some of the physics. I need some feedback on it.



Game link: [Beta] Roughin' It: Wilderness Survival - Roblox


I love the idea and it looks like you put a lot of effort into it! But I have to say, using low poly trees while trying to make the terrain realistic kind of clashes. I know you said it was 2d before so I see where you were coming from. Also I would put a barrier all the way around the map. Another thing to is the transitions between the biomes could be a little smoother as well. Nice work though!


Terrain and low poly can make a powerfull duo if, you add alot of structures, and add some texture to it, the biggest thing here is the terrain itself, it’s really hard to create a perfect enviroment while using low poly, that’s why you must spam trees and structures, so most of the players will focus on the low poly stuff, not on the terrain itself i believe

since there is only a few models on the game, that’s why we pay more attention to the terrain than models, that’s why the thing i said above is important i guess

remember Dungeon quest? he created a real terrain + low poly, and i dind’t saw too much people complaining about it


cuz the gameplay just pulled them away, so they dind’t even noticed too much

except some gamers that looks at every single detail on the game

I think Vestaria is a good mix, because there is enough low poly that the terrain doesn’t bother me.

Do you think that turning of ‘decorations’ makes it look better?
I could also add roblox fog and other effects

The terrain is good and all but the detail on other parts doesn’t match…

The terrain isn’t laid out in a way that makes much sense. The design of the grass area is entirely flat, as well as part of the snow area. Generally, you at least want a slight bit of variance to make it feel more immersive.

The trees feel randomly placed and don’t make much sense; not only that, but they all have the exact same rotation, size, and design. There is no ground foliage or design.

Look at this picture of a forest, for example:


The ground is slightly varied in height, the trees look unique, and there are various plants on the ground.

Hopefully this feedback helps!


Thanks for your feedback. I am trying to go for a “Booga Booga” feel, something like this.

How could I make my map look better? Do I need to use a different tree mesh?

Also, I was wondering, how could I make the trees not ‘randomly placed’? I am already implementing your other feedback, btw.

Tree trunks are too thick in comparison to the leaves, maybe make trunk less thick and add more leaves.

Do these trees look better or should I search for a better model?

Use brushtool for random placement, and its not the placement that matters, its random models, cuz they give your game variety.

Maybe have the cube parts in less strait lines, and add more. I’d use these: Free Blocky Tree Pack

The style isn’t the problem, it’s the proportions. The trees do not make sense size-wise, considering they are much smaller than the pine trees. Also, have a few different variants of the same tree model so you can change things up a bit.

For example, some trees are right over the water, which doesn’t make sense. In short, place trees where they could make sense in the real world.

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Alright, I used your advice about variance:
Is it too much variance? I can easily change it with a plugin if needed.

Not enough bushes, trees need a more random rotation.

I’m trying to mimic a booga booga feel, and Booga Booga doesn’t really have bushes…

Yeah but bushes aint gonna hurt. At least add something to relieve from the trees.

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Do the palm trees look weird?

No, they are good. Maybe give the island some sand.