Feedback on my new adventure horror game

I’ve been working on this game on and off for about five months, and a few days ago I finally released it. Basically you and a group of people descend into an unknown facility, needing to find all the buttons on that level while avoiding entities before you can progress to the next.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


i havent played this game yet. But, the game sounds boring from the description already. Because you described the entirety of the gameplay yourself which can be good but shows that theres not much gameplay other than clicking buttons, upgrading, and continuing (the way you described it)

Also the game name is impossibly difficult for me to say somehow
I will still try and get my friends on to play this.

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Really an unfair and immature critique, play the game first.

My feedback:
The game is actually really cool. It isn’t any production-grade horror game like Doors, but it is unique and has charm to it. The sounds are a bit too loud and the directive isn’t always the most clear, but overall its a cool concept and I enjoyed it. I was playing alone but I am sure if I got some friends on it it’d be even better


replied to the wrong person bruh, sorry for you and sirius if that sounds offensive to either of you. First impressions matter, and the description describes it poorly. Ill still play it, and try to invite friends.
I will talk about gameplay when i have seen it, but the only reason why i said what i said earlier is because of how the description and thumbnail completely describes the entirety of the gameplay.
And, I really dislike repetitive tasks. And how lazy games can be by doing such (not saying he is)

And again, i will play this game with friends when i have the chance.
sorry again to the both of you

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Hi, thanks for leaving your feedback! Yes, the name of the game could be significantly improved, but I’m pretty terrible at naming things, same goes for the description :sweat_smile:

For your second point, I think the same point could be argued for most major round-based games, such as MM2, Arsenal, Bedwars, NDS, etc. if phrased in the right way. However, I do thank you for your honesty, and will try to improve my game based on your feedback!

Hi, thank you for your feedback!

I’ll try reducing the intensity of some loud sounds in the game, and most importantly adding a proper tutorial sometime in the future. I’m really glad that you enjoyed the game, and yes, playing with more players is usually more fun than playing alone, but I’m currently trying to make the game fun to play alone as well, so any suggestions on how I could implement that would be appreciated!

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