Feedback on my new building (your opinion for my new game hotel villa)

Hi fellow developers, I am a new developer here on devforum and i specialize in building models. I’ve been building for a few years now and im quite experienced. Feel free to give me feed back on my new apartment (for lower ranks on my game) and i’ll learn from what you guys tell me. Thank you

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It looks alright! One thing I would change is the wall texture, it’s very distracting and a bit cartoonish, not what I would expect from a hotel. I assume you also have plans to change the floor so I won’t comment on that.

I think that it is good but it seems a bit bland. I think you could try adding more detail to it like possibly a painting on the wall or some paper scattered along the desk and maybe add some other type of clutter to it to make it look more realistic. Also, maybe change the material of the floor because it kind of looks like grass or something. But overall good job :+1:

Thanks i’ll update the walls, I used checkers to make the aparment look simple since its for lower ranks on my game but yeah, your idea was better so thank you :wink:

Thank you for your suggestion, I’m already working on the floor and scattered paper is good for detail :slight_smile:

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I personally, think the build looks decent. It could have been better. However, I would suggest adding more things to the apartment and changing I personally think the textures on the walls and floor don’t look good. I would try changing those to a different material such as white or blue you could try finding a color or texture that doesn’t look like wallpaper because the color choice looks overdone definitely make the baseboards white with a different material instead of a slate.

Secondly, I feel like the door handle can be changed to a level from my point of view it’s quite lowered you could try adding some details onto the walls such as posters, pictures, wall shelves, etc. Overall, I wouldn’t feel it up with a bunch of details because rather small at the moment. But the minor improvements I said above, I would try changing so it could look more interesting.

I would try giving the door frame a better design and color at the moment the color scheme doesn’t match with the building maybe try looking up a door design and go from there.

It’s looking good so far.

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Add some detail to the door, designs… The floor is literal grass, add some block to represent the floor, the decal you’re using does NOT look the best.
The roof light isn’t looking like its in the middle, it’s disturbing me xd.