Feedback on my new building

Hi, I made a new building, and I want some feedback to improve it, thanks to all :smiley:


Its really nice. I like the colors. They just appeal to me for some reason.


Nice building! Really like the colors. Amazing work my man :smile:


:watermelon: Hiya!

Nice work there! It look’s like you went really innovative on the idea. However like always, we have ways to grow and go forward!


Why not experiement with all different sorts of windows and doors and try to be different. Maybe search up door types and try to get ideas for a creation different and unlike any other!

Maybe try adding some detail like sticks holding up the thing (I forgot the name) on top of the window! However there’s always much more you can do!

I hope this helps! As always, remember to comment for any questions or concerns!



The building itself looks very stunning, best of luck onto your future development!

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I like the style! My personal recommendation, if you’re going to keep building in this style, is experiment with different shapes and angles, as an entire town of flat blocks gets boring quick.

Looks pretty plain, how about adding various colours to it. Also, some wall bricks type of textures that can added to those walls

Extras: How about some plants, a car parking area, and stuff

It looks amazing! One suggestion is to make the yellow window shades have supports or something to make it look more realistic.

This looks amazing! But the walls look a little… blank? Maybe add little bricks popping out.

The yellow parts that’s suppose to be like an above the window? It could have more shape. It feels too thin for me. And I rather it to be like a triangular ish shape. But overall, the build looks amazing.


Minimalistic, and okay to look at, I wish it had like 3 more colors, and you could sorta see though the windows.

I think one way you could bring this out more is a bit more depth. Scale all those white trim pieces out a little more to really give it that low poly style.

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Its pretty cool, although I feel a little more detail could have gone into the window covers. Putting side pieces to them.

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