Feedback On My New FPS Game

Hi, My Names Icecatz and I’m About to Release my game that I have been working on for about 1.5 years now, and id like to get some feedback for the final touches. I’m Also Looking For Advice on Getting players after Launch.

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Game Link:

Game Trailer: KILLSTREAK TRAILER - The Next Big FPS Game On Roblox - YouTube

The Objective Of the Game is to get the longest Killstreak in an arsenal-Style Match. You Can Also Level Up to unlock new guns and get new skins and kill effects. I’m really proud of the cartoony art style I achieved, in combination with the fast gameplay, it feels great.

I also have 30k robux avalible for sponsoring or advertising and im looking for advice on how to use them to their Full Potential.

For the future, I plan to continue updating the game with new Guns, Skins, And KillEffects.

Please let me know what you think of it, Any Feedback is Great!!!


It is a pretty cool game, I love the mechanics and the fact that its something I’ve not seen in any other game before. I don’t have any advice just words of encouragement. Keep it up man.
Hey can I dm you?

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You get a 101/0 really epic man

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That is amazing, I’d love to friend you on roblox since your gonna be roblox’s next bloxy winner.


Me too. Plus I also need some help from him

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As far as advertising goes, I believe using skyscraper ads are the most effective and sponsoring to be the least effective. I’ve learned from doing it for years now that if you do too little then you’re not going to find it effective. At least 15k a day is effective enough at launch for me. Now personally, I wasn’t looking to make any Robux off those ads because they were groups and I just needed recruits. This strategy may not work for someone who wants to gain back.

As far as the game itself me and some others in-game agreed it was actually really good but the game was too fast paced. I would recommend slowing down the characters and the mouse sensitivity a little bit. The game can still be fast paced without being too fast.

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Yeah Your Free To Dm Me Anytime!


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Loving the overall look of the design for this game, I’ll definitely be checking it out

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Woahhhh!! It’s such a cool game! Maybe try fixing this typo though.


Also, fix the width.


Instead of “Xp,” you should change it to “XP.”

And you should try using blender for animations, rather than the built in roblox studio animation editor.

Make your character a bit slower when you walk, also make the crosshair lines more thinner on it’s sides.

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I’ll be checking this out later when I’ve got internet access(for pc). Looking forward to it.

Question are those casings server sided or client sided?

really good! its just that the font for the things ‘level up, killed player, etc’ is too childish and cartoony. make it something like the font for ‘streak’

The UI effects is good… reallly good

They are done Server-side so everyone can see them

I would consider having the casings on the client so that the load is more distributed over to the client and that way they also won’t lag as much.

Just because they are a minor detail that will get overlooked.
However if they aren’t minor detail then try to use some sort of particle emitter on the server and a real part on the client.

It’s just… cool !
Small maps, adrenaline, a ton of fun…
When you die, you can join directly, which makes the death less raging

It’s sad that private servers are not free, it’s a good game to play with friends

tested it for a bit and its pretty good, however the jumping gets me off a little bit since it feels too much like the regular jumping. maybe make it so you move faster while jumping as well as having sort of like a cool down to it? still a pretty neat game overall

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Sick game, played it a few months ago.

Great game! Only problem for me is the spawn killing and levelling up too fast