Feedback on my new game Escape the Movie Theatre Obby!

Hey there! I just created a brand new escape obby. I released it a few days ago, and ran around 2K R$ in sponsors. The game didn’t do so well, and the time players played were quite low as well. I am not sure what went wrong. I did include a feedback button in the game, but only got a few very minor suggestions. I am sure there are much more mistakes or things I should change to the game but am just not sure what exactly. Was wondering if you can give it a try, and be brutally honest! It can relate to the building or scripting, or even just suggestions. Ill take anything and everything. Thank you!

I’m a fan of it. I really am however there are a few small things that could be changed:

I am not a fan of the UI, I feel like it’s really big and bulky, sort of in your face in a way. Not a huge fan of that however that might be something that you want.
The music seems too happy considering what is going on. I would have more scary music in my opinion.
The “You have died” message seemed to be quite repetitive. I would honestly just have you reset. (Also reminded me of the jailbreak death message.

Please note: This is only my personal opinion, you may think that some of the things that I mentioned is what you wanted, that is fine.

Thanks, Unique.

Thank you! I will definitely take some of those into consideration!

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First, gg for the ui it looks really nice.

-Try to add a variey of jumps, it’s always the SAME jumps in every single obby, imagine a guy that loves obby and thats pretty advanced, enters see the same jumps there were in the 5 previous obbies. What could he think? “not worth doing the same jumps again” and leaves. That is the main problem not only in your obby but in all obbies today (exept a few). The lack of variety of jumps, add wraps, trusses even wallhops or things like that if you could combien the scenario AND a good variety of jumps it would be way more popular. Dm me for info about types of jumps.

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