Feedback on my new game Idle Billionaire


My name is Emilki and I’ve currently creating a new game, I would love some feedback on the game, and of course bugs.

  • Just so you know, the gui’s are only temporary :slight_smile:

The game is here

  • I find the game entertaining.
  • I find the game boring.

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A list of my thoughts

  • Chat can be tucked in the corner. And be toggled
  • GUI tweening can just have a popup style instead
  • Tutorial
  • Incentives to play the game. A goal. Not just clicking for a while, try and think of more ways for it to be engaging, so as to not lost interest from clicking a button for 10 minutes and now I have a few hundred or thousand bucks.

That’s all and I hope you have a good day! :smiley:

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its boring at the moment. its an excellent start tho. You need some badges for reaching milestones, you need sparkly gold animations, you need more stuff to buy, and more graphics, maybe make a city where you can buy buildings and businesses and grow your city as you grow your cash…

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Good game but gets boring quite quickly, the start might be engaging, but after clicking for a while and your managers just clicking for you for a bit it is boring

The thing is that GUI only games tend to get very boring, it doesn’t have any things to see or maybe as @PotatoVampire7797 suggested how you can buy buildings and other things would make it much more engaging

If you tried really hard you can make that all in GUI, but I don’t recommend it as it would make it too much of a fuss when you can just do it in the 3D world

So the banana farm and the other places could be a physical thing and NPC’s would come and go there buying things

Hope you have a great day inn the DevForum Community!

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I love the idea of the game. It reminds me of a mobile game idea. But, it’s kind of boring. I think adding some things to do that aren’t Ui based and some character customization/interaction would help the game be less boring. Other than that, I love it! Great idea, and great mechanics! Keep up the great work!


Character Customizaion! What a great idea!

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