Feedback on my new game "The Penthouse"

I recently opened my new game The Penthouse to the public, and it’s going well so far. There’s constantly people playing and they are enjoying the leaderboard and current features.

I want to stand out from other “vibe” games, but I’m not sure on exactly how I should do that. I’ve looked at other “feedback on my vibe game” posts already, but i’d like to hear some opinions on my game specifically!

I’m looking for criticism or suggestions, and i’ll be taking any comments with an open mind. :slight_smile: My goal is to grow a playerbase for my game and as I said before, stand out.

Here are some pictures of the game:

Unedited screenshots of the game

And here is a hyperlink to the game!
The Penthouse

We currently have a working dance system that we’re going to improve soon so that it is glitch-free, and some minor scripts here and there, as well as the minute leaderboard. Most of the scripts are original, and if not they’re going to be redone soon.

Overall, any feedback would mean a lot to me, thank you for taking the time to read this :slight_smile:


Very good! I recommend playing, it’s so fun.


First and foremost, your game is already starting to look original and has its own taste and take on the vibe genre. I believe with some more advertisement and a few more touches, your game will go far.

As for improvements, the first thing that I noticed was the fact that it took me a couple of minutes to load fully into the game, with there being no asset preloading screen, meaning I’m just walking around seeing grey everywhere and looking through walls. Although this isn’t an issue in itself, most established games focus a lot of their attention on their game design and having an asset preloading screen would establish it just that bit more.

Furthermore, I encountered a bug where I was hearing two songs at once for about 30 seconds, so it might be wise to polish up your music script. In my opinion, I think it’d also be best to have a music genre selector, or channels to listen live with other players as most people will join with friends and may have a different taste in music. If not, there’s always the option of having song requests with a predefined list of songs to request, especially if you charge a small amount of Robux as your revenue will surely increase from microtransactions.

My final suggestion would be to have some sort of levelling system so players can track their progress and give themselves something to work towards, meaning more playtime, thus more revenue for you. Although there is a leaderboard already, it only gives incentive to those who have the highest amount of playtime, and even then, there are no rewards. On the topic of microtransactions, maybe add animations that you can purchase or unlock at higher levels if you do implement a way to level up.

Overall, your game is very good and has a lot of potential, keep it up.


Thank you so much I will be taking this into consideration!


Oh wow that looks really good, the lighting used within the build is very nice

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