Feedback on my new game. UPDATED

Hello everyone, I posted before about this game I was making. I took constructive advice and have worked on the game a lot. I am posting this topic for more advice and feedback on things I did well, and things I need to improve.

Things to consider:

  • What should I improve about the game?
  • Which bugs need to be fixed?
  • What do you not like about the game?

Note: The structures have not been polished up. The development of two more maps is on the way.

  • Good
  • Needs improvement
  • It’s getting there

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Any feedback or advice will be greatly appreciated.
Note: It requires two players to play. I may be in the game to help with that (starting the game).
Snipers vs Runners (BETA)

Things I have changed since last post
  • Intense music while in game play
  • Lobby music while waiting for next match to start
  • Changed health pads to only give 20 health
  • Added arrows in the Runners spawn point for minimal confusion
  • Added Crouching
  • Added script change to support giving the win loss value
  • Added Death Animation
  • Added coins to collect in game
  • Added better coin icons
  • Better GUI images
  • Fixed server stats
  • Completely redesigned the GUI
  • Added Animations
  • Added gamepass buffs

First thing i noticed was the sniper givers. I feel as if they should be given not from a touch-to-give thing, better as a script that gives it out to the sniper team. Next, i noticed that when i was running, the other player could push me into a lava block. Set player touch off. I also think the icon needs improvement, but other then that, very good game.

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Thanks for the feedback! Are you talking about the GUI icons? I will also add those changes soon. Thanks!

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The game is pretty fun.
Some things I would recommend:

  1. Instantly giving Snipers the gun.
  2. A proper lobby and waiting GUI. Give the players something to do.
  3. Interchangable maps.
  4. Some more for the snipers to do other than sit there. It seems repetitious when you just have to shoot the little guys running around.

I can’t really come up with a proper opinion but it’s a good start for sure.


the game icons is what i mean. Very weird looking in my opinion. It could use some improvement.

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Thanks for the feedback! I agree about the lobby part for sure, and there are two more maps currently in development. I will make the snipers automatically receive the gun. You mention give the snipers more things to do. I will take that and come up with an idea. Again thanks for the feedback!

Game icons? Sorry, can you be more specific? Like the actual icon for the game?

this is what i mean, it has the player running on thin air, plus theres a random play button. I suggest removing the playbutton, maybe add some background instead of white, and add the player running on something.

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Okay. I 100% agree with you. I think I need to hire a GFX person because I’m not super artsy. But okay I see what you were saying now. Thanks for the advice!

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The actual runners are way to far for the sniper to reach. And instead of a lobby, use a gui.

Hey! here are some things I noticed:

Overlapping Ui, The ui overlaps a lot, also it can be buggy.

The snipers definitely need to just be given to the snipers,

The lobby/map etc should definitely be instanced in rather then just sitting there always.

The concept is good, I just think it needs more of a professional vibe, a better looking runners map, better shooting platform, better lobby, UI, Also It’s really boring to wait for a new round to start, maybe add a spectate button, Or something to keep player retention.

Thanks for the feedback! I like the ideas you have opted for me to implement. I will look to adding those soon.

I, remember this game from 3 years ago, the game was very similar and I like to see nostalgia again