Feedback on my new "game"

So I decided to try to make a brick battle game, but I was too lazy so I stopped. But with my new knowledge on making parts break on impact with a rocket, I make a game called 4 Ordinary objects! They are very normal objects, DO NOT SHOOT THE BLOCK (It crashes the server, and maybe even the game.) Play it here: 4 Ordinary objects. - Roblox I do not recommend playing if you have a bad computer(Don’t ask, they are just 4 normal objects in the game.) Also, once you join, be mindful of others(if there are any people D:) and don’t just kill them. Please? you should have listened

so what is the point???

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Nothing really, just a lag machine basically. I will add more objects, I guess you can find it satisfying I guess, I don’t really know.

oh my lord im so sorry i didnt see you say the 4x4 block I thought you meant the large cuboid
by the way good physics

why do you have the block anyway?

I don’t know.
I really do not know